Based on the experiences of the regions with a significant time-span in regional branding, and foreseen goals, it is expected that the region of eastern Serbia in the future will achieve a large scale of positive effects from branding. It is not just that certain manufacturers or service providers will get a label on their product/service, which will be an indicator and guarantor of a certain level of quality, but there are also a whole series of positive effects for the entire economy of eastern Serbia.

The region itself will benefit in the following ways:
•    Differentiation of the region of eastern Serbia from competitive regions;
•    Differentiation of producers and service providers from eastern Serbia from producers and providers of services of competitive regions;
The most obvious benefits will be on the side of businessmen. In particular, entrepreneurs, ie companies, producers of regional products and providers of services from the territory of eastern Serbia, will have the following benefits:
•    Significantly higher visibility of branded products and services (branded products will have additional publicity and will be additionally advertised, and thus more visible);
•    Better promotion of producers or service providers with minimal additional costs (costs of branding fee will be significantly lower than the costs that individual companies would have if they would solely invest in marketing, and the effect of joint promotion will be significantly higher);
•    Benefit from publicity that will regional brand gain (advertising of the brand implies the advertising of individual products and services, and having a brand on a product or service will position the product or service better, comparing to the competition);
•    Continuous external monitoring of product / service quality (control of the fulfillment of the conditions for the use of the brand implies control of the product / service itself, which will be an additional stimulus for continuous improvement of quality);
•    Networking capability (links and synergy effect with other brand users);
•    Approaching the market (marketing activities to promote the brand will also bring individual products and services closer to customers);
•    The ability of manufacturers, ie service providers, through self-evaluation, to better understand their own failures and significantly improve their product / service, as well as processes;
•    Growth in demand for products and services from the region as a reaction to the globalization of production and supply (a strong campaign and brand promotion will be based on the principle of "buying a product or service whose origin we know, instead of imported products of dubious origin and quality");
•    At a later stage, better co-operation with large retail chains and the possibility of selling through specialized stores, ie clearly marked sections in larger stores (the intention is to create opportunities in the next stages to open specialized stores in larger cities that would only sell those products that carry regional brand name, or opening of special sections within larger retail chains);
•    Opening new jobs (the growth in demand for products with the regional branding will necessarily impose the need for capacity expansion and additional investments, which together will have a positive impact on the overall regional economy);
•    Increased consumer satisfaction (continuous monitoring and quality control will create greater confidence in products (services) that carry the regional brand label on them, and through greater customer satisfaction and loyalty to products (services) will be higher).
Benefit from the introduction of a regional brand is not only on the side of manufacturers, but also on the customer's side. The significance of the brand for customers is reflected in the following:
•    Identification - customers identifies with a particular product or service and consider it "their own", and will create strong connections with it and, in psychological terms, gain more satisfaction than just satisfying the needs;
•    Practicality – in the process of the selection of the product/service, the customer will be more likely to choose a product or service that is clearly marked with a certain stamp, because it has confidence in it;
•    Warranty - the brand guarantees a certain level of quality that is constantly monitored and controlled;
•    Continuity - the brand guarantees that a particular product or service will be available for a long time and continuously;
•    Hedonism - branding makes shopping a pleasure, not just fulfillment of the needs;
•    Ethics - the brand guarantees a certain level of ethics, which, as well as quality, is constantly checked and monitored;
•    Clear recognition of the product /service, easier search within the offer;
•    Warranty of quality will be uniform over time and independent of the place of purchase;
•    The security of purchasing the appropriate product (best from the standpoint of the expected value for customers - ie, according to the customer's best price/quality ratio);
•    Confirmation and design of a personal, desired customer image;
•    Satisfaction achieved through familiarity and intimacy with the brand over time;
•    Satisfaction related to the brand's attractiveness, features of its identity and overall communication;
•    Satisfaction based on socially responsible behavior of the brand, related to the wider