Regional Brand of Eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior” is a certification trademark which:
•    Guarantees that branded product or service is of a certain degree of quality and that it originates from Eastern Serbia;
•    Improves reputation, visibility and credibility on the market of a brand user.
The certification trademark “Balcanica Superior” is registered with the Intellectual Property Office under the number 75306 in accordance with the Nice Classification (International Classification of Goods and Services for the Registration of Trademarks).

The regional brand of Eastern Serbia was established on the basis of the best European experiences. It allows consumers and tourists to use branded products and services to contribute to the development of East Serbia.

The regional brand of Eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior” and the status “Certified partner” can be used by companies that provide accommodation and food preparation services or have products of a clear regional character and which fulfill the defined set of criteria.

The owner of the Regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior" (certification trademark) and the owner of the trademark rights is RARIS - Regional Development Agency of Eastern Serbia, which guides the whole process in coordination with the Regional Platform as a mechanism for stakeholders' active participation.