Frutimo doo from the village of Petrus near Knjazevac. Company, was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to the production of quality brandies of the highest quality fruits (or herbs) from the slopes of the Stara Planina mountain, which is being sold under the brand "Gospodska".

SCS Plus from Knjazevac. The company was founded in 1997 as a workshop for the production of beech veneer seats and seat backs with 20 employees. Good business politics and high-quality products have enabled permanent growth and development of the company so that, at present, the company employs 150 workers and produces more than 700 models of pressings.

Winery Matalj, Negotin. Thanksgiving and dedication to a fertile Negotin Region, shaped through decades of fostering family tradition of wine making, are the base of the Matalj winery. The vision of the Matalj Winery is to restore and preserve the extraordinary potential of the Negotin region and to bring it back to the wine map of Europe, where it has always belonged.

Rogljevo Wine Cellars is a settlement with 150 wine cellars (previously there were more than 300) - typical objects traditionally used for the production and preservation of wines, similar to other places of the Negotin Kraijna - tightly enclosed with each other with narrow streets, all in the shelter of the natural ambient and with the central square as the center of the village.

Ethno village "Gostoljublje" Sikole - Negotin. The tourist complex in eastern Serbia encompassing the ethno village in the village of Sikole and a restaurant with accommodation "Sveti Trifun" at the famous Rajac wine cellar complex.
Thanks to its dedication, good hospitality tradition and experience of more than 15 years, it receives guests from all over the world. In their facilities, with rich sounds of folklore, warm fire from the fireplace and hospitality of the hosts, visitors enjoy delicious dishes from eastern Serbia, along with unforgettable wines.

Adonis Sokobanja

Adonis doo, Sokobanja. Adonis has started in 1991, as a family company dedicated to medicinal herbs. Today, 27 years later, Adonis is the leader in organizing the purchase, processing, packaging and sale of medicinal herbs and teas. The company is focused on educating breeders and on sustainable use of nature in order to preserve biodiversity.

The „Jezero“ Restaurant has very long family tradition. The first beginnings of restaurant date from 1966 when there was a tavern called „Brodarska kasina“. In the tavern, the famous movie „ I Bog stvori kafansku pevačicu“ (And God created the tavern singer) was filmed.

MDS Knjazevac. Experts for shirts with decades of experience. Their shirts are carried by hundreds of thousands of people across Europe.

Winery RAJ, Negotin. When a former marine from Ireland comes to eastern Serbia and falls in love, from this love and dedication to the idea of reviving the Rajac, RAJ Winery was created, the modern, small winery in the RAJAC region.  Referring to the specific wine culture characteristic for this region, RAI Winery puts traditional varieties of this region in the center of its production - game, black and white tamjanika.

The rural resort C'est La Vie Rajac, for its guests, prepares traditional cuisine in the ethno ambience of the wine cellars  with the sound of guitar, with the possibility to taste several types of wine and brandy, to have a tour through wine cellars and the famous old cemetery.

Restaurant ŽUPAN from Sokobanja. Private restaurant with the longest tradition in Sokobanja. The first private restaurant in Sokobanja was founded in 1968 and since then it has accommodated thousands of Sokobanja’s guest: actors, politicians, musicians, athletes and other celebrities.

Doo Timomed, Knjazevac. For 28 years Timomed manufactures, processes and markets healthy bees products. Timomed is a leader in the territory of Serbia, but also in the foreign market, because it is the first that made a breakthrough for Serbian honey to EU countries, the United States, the Middle East, etc. For the last 19 years it is the absolute champion of quality of the international Agricultural fair in Novi Sad.

The tourism business is a tradition for Atrium Apartments, which began in 1998 with the opening of the "Atrium" club. The club has developed for years and has become a discotheque which hosted famous DJs from Serbia and Europe, as well as the best performers from the country and the abroad.

Hotel "Albo", Bor. From its beginnings it has been positioned as a business hotel that offers everything that business people need. It was opened in November 2009 and since then it is at the very top of the hotel industry in Eastern Serbia.