"A brandy that preserves the taste of fruit"

The Frutimo Company was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to the production of quality brandies from the highest quality fruits (or herbs) from the slopes of the Stara Planina Mountain, which are sold under the name "Gospodska".

For "Gospodska" brandy, distillation is just one good method to get what nature has already given to us. Therefore, "Gospodska" dedicates all the energy and passion to preserve the flavors and aromas that Mother Nature gave to fruit. With a lot of passion, and a lot of respect for nature, noble, real gentleman's brandy is produced.

You can find "Gospodska" in selected restaurants throughout Serbia.

Due to the great respect for Mother Nature, “Gospodska” refuses to use anything in the production process that could affect the natural character of the product.
Every "Gospodska" brandy has the same path. This path starts from the highest quality fruits (or herbs) from the slopes of the Stara Planina Mountain, continues with strictly controlled fermentation and distillation of brandy in a copper cauldron, then matures in wooden barrels or glass jars and finally reaches consumers.
Every "Gospodska" brandy, undergoes double distillation and double control: first in its own laboratory and then in one of the independent certified laboratories.

“Gospodska” offers several brandies: plum, quince, “venjovača”, herbal brandy, Green 8, grape, juniper, etc.

Frutimo buys all the raw materials (fruits and herbs) from the farmers in the area.

"Gospodska" received a gold award for herbal brandy and “brinjevac” at the 11th international evaluation of the quality of wine and brandy, held in Knjaževac in May 2017.

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web: frutimo.rsfacebook.com/gospodska
phone: +381 64 6155605
address:  village of Petruša, Minićevo, Knjaževac