"The most modern small winery in eastern Serbia"

Wine was always telling the stories, and one has been woven into wine and the creation of RAJ Winery: the vivid, personal and romantic story of its founders - Mick and Beka O'Connor.

When a former marine from Ireland comes to eastern Serbia and falls in love, from this love and dedication to the idea of reviving the Rajac, RAJ Winery was created, the modern, small winery in the RAJAC region. Referring to the specific wine culture characteristic for this region, RAI Winery puts traditional varieties of this region in the center of its production - game, black and white tamjanika.

RAJ Winery comes from eastern Serbia and Negotin Krajina, which has been known for centuries as an ideal region for grape growing and wine production. „Krajina Vino“ was one of the largest European wine companies, and the land around Negotin and Zajecar was completely covered with vineyards. All this speaks about the rich heritage of the culture of grape growing and wine production, which has been developed and cultivated for decades in this part of eastern Serbia.

The RAJ Winery is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Serbia, which is still relatively intact in terms of industrialization and urbanization. With over 250 sunny days a year, this region is one of the most suitable for growing grapes, primarily thanks to a specific combination of soil, water, altitude and sun. Therefore, the grape, from which the wine is produced by RAJ, comes from the hills around the village of Rajac, where the vineyards are located.

Winery was founded in 2012 and is producing grapes on 11ha of vineyards.

In the range of its products, the RAJ Winery produces red wine from the TAMJANIKA variety - ancient grape variety, rare in the world, and a characteristic wine of the area of Eastern Serbia. In this region it has been grown since the middle of the XIV century.

Also, Raj Winery cultivates Game (Gamay) which reactivates the old flavour and spirit of the times in which an authentic and rich culture of wine was fostered.

Raj GAME - The wine has a dark ruby colour, varietal aroma and is fruity. The taste is characterized by fullness, alcoholic strength and balanced acids that highlight the fruitiness and a moderate bitterness.

Raj PLOT - coupage, where Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are blended. This meeting of authentic wine culture and modern technology has created this wine with a deep red colour, & a complex aroma in which we recognize cherry and blackberry with discrete tones of noble oak.

Raj TAMJANIKA - The wine is a powerful red, with an intense muscular flavour, a full and balanced taste with excellent persistence of aroma. The wine has remained in oak barrels for 4 months.

RAJ SOVA provides a refined atmospheric Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is a bright straw-yellow colour, crystal clear and has a discreet varietal aroma, but very complex character. One can sense aromas of peach and quince, imbued with subtle tones of acacia.

Raj ZENIT - a white wine made of Semion, a grape originating in France. The wine is crystal clear, a bright yellow-green color, varietal flavor, pleasant and drinkable. It rested in inox barrels until filling.

Raj IMPERIAL TAMJANIKA - (Black & White) is a classic wine of our region. It is believed to have arrived here in the XIV century. As such it is a wine that can be said to represent the wine tradition of East Serbia and we are at the forefront of its comeback.

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web: www.vinarija-raj.com
phone: +381 (0)63 720 5748
address:  village of Rajac, the municipality of Negotin