"As good as it gets"

For 30 years, Timomed manufactures, processes and packs healthy bee products. Timomed is a leader in honey production in Serbia, but also in the foreign market, because it is the first that made a breakthrough for Serbian honey to EU countries, the United States, the Middle East, etc. For the last 20 years it is the absolute champion of quality of the international Agricultural fair in Novi Sad.

Timomed also has a Center for selection of queen bees, where he produces queen bees and in that way preserves autochthonous ecotypes of bees from eastern Serbia.

Founded in 1989 as the cooperative with 3 employees, Timomed has grown into a Limited Liability Company with 21 employees and with annual production of more than 600 tons of honey.

"Timomed" organizes the production of primary bee products: honey, wax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, raw materials and food for bees.

The primary bee products are purchased from the subcontractors and from beekeepers from the municipalities of Knjaževac, Zaječar, Sokobanja and Negotin as well as from western Serbia and Vojvodina.

In this way (own honey production, honey from contractors and purchase from other beekeepers) company produces more than 600 tons of honey products.

Collected honey Timomed classifies: forest, meadow, acacia, lynx, flower honey, processes and distributes in various packages on the domestic and foreign markets.

Timomed has 32 different products:

• Organic honey (Acacia and Meadow)

• Bee products:

- Meadow honey
- Flower Honey
- Acacia honey
- Forest Honey
- Linden honey
- Honey with walnut
- Honeycomb in honey
- Honey with dry plum
- Honey with dry fruit

• Dietary products:

- Dietmel
- Diabetes - Chromium
- Diabetes 2
- Propolis drops
- Propolis drops for children
- Propolis spray with arnica
- Pollen

• New products:

- Red Honey
- Honey with lavender
- Melvit
- Honey sweet from the strawberry
- Honey sweet from raspberries
- Sweet sweet from blueberries
- Honey sweet from apricot
- Medenko (Strawberry spread)
- Medenko (Raspberry spread)
- Medenko (Apricot spread)
- Medenko (Blueberry spread)
- Honey with extract of red grapes
- Acacia honey with lemon
- Acacia honey with peppermint

Timomed based its development strategy on natural resources from the ecologically clean area of the Stara Planina mountain. "Timomed" is working on the production of new dietary and other products based on honey and medicinal herbs, but also on the program of parafarmacology and cosmetic preparations, as well as the increase of the number of hives.

Timomed has also created the Center for selection and reproduction of queen bees. Within the center, artificial insemination of the queen bees is performed.

Timomed employs 21 workers. Annually, purchases, processes and sells about 600 tons of honey and distributes more than 500 t on the market

Timomed applies the most up-to-date world standards in food production, and has ISO 22000- 2005, Halal, Kosher and GOST certificate.


Since 1998, TIMOMED has been a participant in the Novi Sad Fair, and it regularly presents production program and new products. It has won numerous awards for products and for overall quality in a group of honey products.

Since 2000, Timomed has won the Quality Champion Cup 20 times in a row at International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

In addition to the Champion's Cup, it regularly wins more than 10 medals by product groups and diplomas for the quality of its products.
It also won a Chamber of Commerce of Serbia's Award for 2002, for the achieved results in the development and improvement of the economy.

Timomed is specially proud of the first place in the category of organic honeys in 2018 at the BIOL MIEL competition in Bologna, Italy.

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web:  www.timomed.co.rs
tel: +381 (0)19 732-330,
address:  Kej Veljka Vlahovića 7a, Knjaževac