Exclusive domestic products, just like before!

GLIKERIJA is the company of a Stojanović family, founded in 2017 with the desire to preserve the tradition of fruit processing into liqueurs, sweets and jams, to awaken the senses and memories with the taste and color of childhood, parental home and nature. Glikerija is a joy of creation, hospitality and giving...

From the hand-picked fruits and only one, the strongest, preservative called love, the most beautiful symphony of colors, smells and tastes is created, which Glikerija shares with pride and joy with true lovers of authentic tastes...

Welcome to Glikerija's world, composed of the most beautiful symphony of colors, smells and tastes. A world in which old varieties of fruit, grow in the yard, nurtured by children and grandchildren, while the elderly, with caring love, make a perfect story out of each selected fruit, packed in a jar that takes everyone who tastes wine, liqueur, sweet or jam, for a moment, to a place where we used to dream dreams bigger than life...

GLIKERIJA produces liqueurs from cherries and green walnuts, sweet from white cherries, sour cherries, plums and quinces and jams from apricots, plums and pomegranates.

You can find Glikerija products in Kladovo, ul. Pere Dimitrijevića 7, in the Souvenir Shop "Đerdap usluge AD", Kladovo on the Danube quay or order online. Glikerija also organizes tastings…

How it started… It was a good year. An old recipe for an even more perfect cherry and walnut liqueur was found in an old, inherited notebook. Slowly, the jars began to change: fruit, sugar, brandy. After careful disposal on specially made shelves, the sun with its rays and heat extracts the best from the fruit and gives it to brandy, which becomes more and more intense in color and taste every day, until it is old enough to be brought to you with joy. This is actually the most perfect product of the Sun and is really worth trying.

Do you know what you get when you add freshly picked fruit to a perfectly balanced sugar syrup? The most perfect treat in the world, after which all the others got their name. Short and simple: sweet!

The biggest challenge in the life of every married woman is to cook something just like His mother cooks. In the Stojanović family, rightly, jams have always had an honorable place. Enjoy!

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Prizes and awards

By participating in the 14th International Fair of Ethno Food and Drinks, Glikerija received another confirmation of the quality of its products. Out of the eight products presented, four were awarded: Diploma for cherry liqueur and Special Recognition for plum jam and plum and pomegranate jams.

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web: www.glikerija.com
phone: 019 423005
address: Pere Dimitrijevića 7. 19320 Kladovo