Sweet heart of Zajecar

"Stella Lux" is recognizable by a wide range of domestic products. In addition to the widely known homemade milk and fruit ice cream and always fresh cakes, brands like lemonade with a scoop of ice cream certainly stand out - a real refreshing elixir during hot summer days, "kačamak" - a famous sweet for this region (combines white foamy cream and ice cream and hot “salep” . “Salep” is a hot drink obtained from the saffron (a plant from the orchid family), which is drunk hot and spiced with aromatic cinnamon. Drinking salep while watching the snowflakes fall, makes the winter idyll magical.

Besides the respect of the tradition, "Stella Lux" keeps pace with current events and modern trends - it is active on Facebook and Instagram, delivers domestic products around the city, is an integral part of the android guiding application "Heritage Walks & Talks".

It is also socially responsible: supports every humanitarian action (regular "humanitarian boxes" presented in the restaurant), sponsors sports and cultural events, supports the organization of popular TV quizzes such as "Chairs" and "Stopwatch" and seven years in a row is a regular winner of British certification agency "CompanyWall"  award with the highest credit rating (A +) for efficient business and economic stability.

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web: facebook.com/poslasticarastella
phone: 019/426409, 063/8400038
address: Trg Oslobođenja bb, 19000 Zaječar