"Good people, good times, top quality wine"

In most of those who have left the doorstep, sooner or later, there is a desire to return, live and invest in their homeland. The Mikić family, who lives and works in Austria, decided about 15 years ago to continue the tradition of planting vineyards and wine production in their hometown of Rečka near Negotin.

The old plantations have been renewed and new ones have been planted on 6 hectares, so that today a total of 14 hectares are cultivated with international and autochthonous grape varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer and Crna Tamjanika are planted in two wine regions - "Negotin" and "Rajac-Rogljevo".

Mikic Winery has the honor and pleasure to contribute to the efforts to make again the Negotinska Krajina a leader in Serbian wine production. The word about Negotinska Krajina as a wine region spreads beyond the borders of Serbia, not only by selling the wine, but also through enviable results at domestic and international competitions.

It is said that "wine is a gift from the Gods", so for the Mikić Winery, every new recognition is not only an honor, but also an obligation to constantly improve the quality.

The first plantation and the first vineyard were formed in 1991, and the first major expansion of the plantations took place in 2007-2009, with the planting of the Vis plantations (2007), Mala Poljana (2007), Malo Brdo (2008), Loiza (2009) and the expansion of the Vis plantation and Malo Brdo in 2009.

Beginning in 2013, the Mikić Winery also conquered Western markets, with the registration of the company Vino Mikić e.U. in Austria, which created the conditions for the first export of wine to the EU.

The most successful year for the Winery was 2017, when the Mikić Winery won the title of the absolute winner at the Honey and Wine Fair in Negotin. Also at one of the most prestigious wine evaluations in the world "AWC Vienna", the wine "Cuvée I" won a gold medal.

During 2018, the Mikić Winery further expanded its production and started to produce wine with a protected geographical origin. With a vineyard on "Lećevo" of 8ha, as well as with the increase of the cellar to the capacity of 150,000 liters, Vinarija Mikić becomes one of the largest wine producers in Negotinska Krajina. A modern winery with a capacity of 150,000 liters was built and put into operation, and its modernization, as well as the improvement of wine quality, is never ending effort.

ikic Winery wines:

Golden yellow wine. The scent is very fresh and delicate, and in addition to floral scents, the aromas of pear and pineapple predominate. Dry wine with a smooth rounded taste, refreshing acids and a long finish.

Sauvignon Blan
Light yellow in color with the smell of tropical fruits, as well as the smell of green peppers. Dry wine with crunchy acids and light body.

Sweet floral scents of acacia and lychee in dry wine of a dark yellow color, with full body and mild acids, medium long finish.

Pinot Rosé
Wine of medium intense pink color. Refreshing scent of raspberry and strawberry juice. Fruity taste moderately full and smooth.

Cuvée I
Dull ruby color. The scent is multilayered, strong and very fruity. Complex taste, soft tannins, pleasant acids. Cabernet Sauvignon 75% Merlot 25%.

Merlot Barrique
Wine of a ruby color. Complex smell of prunes, tobacco, forest fruits… Full taste with a lot of polished tannins, mild acids and medium long finish.

Crna Tamjanika
Deep red color. The smell of rose locoum, basil, incense… An unusual taste that cannot be compared to any other wine and cannot be easily forgotten.

Pinot Noir
Ruby color with violet shades. Fruity aroma of cherries, sour cherries, strawberries, almonds, vanilla, cinnamon… Extremely fruity taste of cherries, sour cherries, blueberries, forest fruits; moderate acidity and elegant finish.

Cuvée I Selection
Dull ruby color. The scent is layered, strong and very fruity. The taste is complex, soft tannins, pleasant acids and extremely fruity. Cabernet Sauvignon 75% Merlot 25%.


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