„100% Natural“

Đurđić Ethno Shop from Sokobanja, combines beekeeping and natural cosmetics and produces and sells a wide range of herbal mixtures, cosmetic products and food supplements.

All products made by the Đurđić Ethno Shop are 100% natural and handmade according to a unique traditional recipe, whether it is cosmetics, mixtures of honey and selected herbs or tinctures. For the production of natural herbal products, only honey and medicinal herbs from the Rtanj mountain and the surrounding area are used.

The Đurđić beekeeping farm has many years of beekeeping behind itself, which has brought a great experience that has been passed from generation to generation. Each generation has made a significant contribution to understanding and improving of beekeeping technology. At the beginning, the farm was concentrated exclusively on honey, honey mixtures and tinctures of herbs from the Rtanj mountain and throat sprays based on propolis.

After some time of learning, gathering information, work, unique recipes for natural cosmetics were created, and after obtaining certificates of phytotherapy, apitherapy, aroma cosmetics, the Đurđić Ethno Shop was established.

The scope of work has become so wide that it requires daily engagement of several people throughout the year, both in beekeeping and in the production.


Annually, Đurđić Ethno Shop sells about 10 tons of honey and honey mixtures, about 4,000 different types of creams, about 1,000 different herbal shampoos and more than 3,000 different tinctures ... This fact imposes the obligation and goal to achieve top results in production of natural cosmetics, bee products and beekeeping.

With an apiary of about 250 mobile hives, knowledge of grazing conditions, as well as careful selection of terrain, it is possible to achieve the expected results. In the product range of the Đurđić Ethno Shop you can find natural cosmetics and bee products of the highest quality from the ecologically clean terrains of the Rtanj mountain and the Sokobanja valley.

The products of the Đurđić Ethno Shop can be found in various retail stores throughout Serbia, in Niš, Belgrade, Negotin, Vranje, Kruševac, Bačka Palanka, Novi Sad, Vrbas, Aleksinac, Sokobanja...

For the top quality of its products, Đurđić Ethno Shop has received numerous awards from local and international fairs.


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web:  https://www.djurdjic.shop
tel: +381 60 4618866
adress:  Svetog Save 68, Sokobanja, Srbija