Regional Brand of Eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior” is a certification trademark which:

  • Guarantees that branded product or service is of a certain degree of quality and that it originates from Eastern Serbia;
  • Improves reputation, visibility and credibility on the market of a brand user.

The certification trademark “Balcanica Superior” is registered with the Intellectual Property Office under the number 75306 in accordance with the Nice Classification (International Classification of Goods and Services for the Registration of Trademarks).

Based on the experiences of the regions with a significant time-span in regional branding, and foreseen goals, it is expected that the region of eastern Serbia in the future will achieve a large scale of positive effects from branding. It is not just that certain manufacturers or service providers will get a label on their product/service, which will be an indicator and guarantor of a certain level of quality, but there are also a whole series of positive effects for the entire economy of eastern Serbia.

Up to now, nineteen companies fulfilled the criteria of the brand "Balcanica Superior" and received the prestigious status of "Certified partner".

Marketing experts share the view that branding is one of the ways by which a dominant position on the market can be achieved. Regional branding has been in the European countries for a long time, while in Serbia there were several attempts, which were not fully implemented and did not achieve significant results. The importance of branding to differentiate local resources is still not sufficiently recognized.